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Boundary Disputes Cannock Rugeley Penkridge

Terms of appointment for an RICS Surveyors Expert Witness Boundary Survey and Report can be downloaded here.


Boundary Dispute and Right of Way Surveys Cannock Rugeley Penkridge

Property owners are often neglectful of their boundaries until it is to late. Once the neighbour has chopped down that tree that you thought was yours it is extremely hard to put it back up again.

However if you have suitable tile deeds then it is possible to attempt to resolve many disputes. Measurements can be taken and pegs knocked in to enable a boundary line to be established. Alternatively documents, photographs and drawings can be prepared to support (or disprove) a county court action for compensation and or to get a hedge or fence re-erected in its correct location.

Unfortunately the help we can give is only usually only as good as your title deeds. The current land registry title plans are not very accurate and only enable boundaries to be estimated to the nearest half a metre. This is due to the small scale of the plans on which the boundaries of a property are drawn. It is thus well worth saving copies of old tile deeds with measurements or drawings. When buying a property it is wise to agree the ownership of any unclear boundaries with your prospective neighbours.

In the absecne of title deeds it may be possible to draw conclusions about the line of a boundary or right of way from features on the ground old photographs or possibly OS sheets. Steve Butler has access to a range of historic OS sheest some dating back to before 1900. Care should however be taken before relying on OS sheets. The purpose of the maps is not to identify legal boundaries but features on the ground that may be legal boundaries but may also just be features or near to leglal boundaries. The OS plans are also prepared at a scale of 1:1250 or 1:2500 where 1mm on the map is 1.25m or 2.5m on the ground. The maps are thus difficult tif not impossible to scale off. The maps whilst usualy very accurate can contain errors and were presumably prepared with the care appropriate to a map on such a large scale.

My land registy account also enables me to access the Title Register and Title Plans for nearby properties and more importantly I can often get copies of the original conveyance documents for nearby properties.

Independent Cannock RICS surveyors report on a boundary dispute and nuisance neighbour for county court 


This boundary survey report was in respect of a garage. A neighbour had constructed a raised hardstanding using the garage as a retaining wall. This had allowed water to run of the hardstanding into the garage staining the walls and causing pools of water on the floor. Our boundary surveyors were able to prepare a report suggesting that the boudary was some six inches away from the garage.





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