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Surveyors housing dis-repair report

Typical 1930's semi detached house with plastic windows replacement roof.

Insualtion in a narrow cavity suggesting the property has been retrospectviely insualetd. Unfortunately the insualtion often fails to spead properly in narrow cavites to the property can reman cold.

An obviously broken gutter and creeper that should be controlled to ensure that it does not disturb the tiles or block the gutter.

An easy way in for a surveyor acting for a tenant.

Some loss of pointing on a chimney that probably does not require attention at present but now easy for a tenants surveyor and solictors to include in a claim as they are bound to win on the gutter.


Misted window. An unsightly inconvinience rather than a threat to the property or tenant.

Typical signs that the roof edge timber is decaying. If not acted on qucikly the timber will get beyond the repair and it will be necessary to disturb the felt.

Apart from needing redecoration the glazing panels are a risk to people as they are not toughned.

Not disrepair, but the lazyness of a contractor or failure to think to bring a saw is remarkable, except that I have seen exactly the same situation of another property.

Frost damaged bricks that are below damp proof course level

The tenant claimed that the bath could not be properly sealed as the bathmoved but any movment of the bath was negligible.

Typical condensation in a corner.



Typical condensation at a juncture, perhaps exacerbated by poor insulation of the flat roof that can be seen on the first picture.

Typical condensation in a corner.


Typical condensation in corners.

Severe condensation due to the angles of the ceiling not being insualted.

The angles showing no insulation

Angled ceiling apart should there be all this condensation in a property with modern boiler, insulated cavity wall and double glazed windows. Unfortuantely thelandlord had failied to repair the boiler from November until about March when the property was inspected!

Given that the boiler and gutter are likely to be serious disprepairs and the whole house is affected the lawyers are suggesting that a tenants claim might exceed £10,000 






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