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Homebuyers Survey of 1902  end terrace house Crewe by local RICS Chartered Surveyors

Front. Typical brick walls with slate roof. The head of the ground floor windows and decorative brick band slope to the right due to past movement at the front corner of the property. Note the nearby industrial units.

Fractures of the front wall corresponding to the movement of the property at the front corner. Possible causes are poor foundations, coal mining or that the storm water drain at the front corner of the property leaked undermining the foundations.

Badly misted windows due to failure of the double glazing unit seals allowing moisture to enter. The seals often fail due to the glazing units sitign in water due to the drian holes on the bottom of the frame blocking.


 The slates dish notably above the rear window.

               The rafters bend substantially in a corresponding location to the dished face of the roof.


This rather slender horizontal timber which supports the mid point of the rafters spans the full sixteen feet or so of the roof width.

Prop for the horizontal timber. The steel lintel is required as there is no load bearing wall near ot the prop.

                            Note the substantial slope of the floor across the door opening. Cause not immediately apparent but likely to be historic. The movement of the property will have to be reported to potential insurers otherwise any insurance will be void. They are likely to require a surveyors report on the cause of the movement, confirmation that it has ceased and that the property can be insured against all risks.

Waste pipe from a bathroom created by recently dividing up a large bedroom. It drians to a storm water gully. The dangers are that the storm water gully is just a soakaway of that in a more modern house that storm and foul water drian through seperate systems. There might thus be a risk of prosecution for contamination.


 Eroding stones and pointing at the base of a garden wall.